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Events and Happenings at The Seagate

Events and Happenings at The Seagate

Mark your calendar for these can’t miss events on our Seagate properties.

sup yoga

Seagate SUP Yoga

Seagate SUP Yoga is an amazing opportunity to practice yoga on the water. Class includes a warm up, sun salutations, beginner yoga poses, and simple fitness exercises like planks and lunges. This class is suited for all levels.

Class Level: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced


Seagate Hotel & Spa September Activities

Guests at the Seagate Hotel & Spa can participate in selected classes, clinics and events at the Country Club, Beach Club and Yacht Club. Check out our August events below.

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man playing in a pickleball clinic

Pickleball Clinic

Players receive instruction while participating in a variety of drills and games that improve the players' skillset.

group fitness class stretching on the rooftop

Stretch on the Rooftop

Looking to create more rotation in your golf swing? In this class we will focus on mobilizing the hips and upper spine to allow you to get more out of your golf swing. The goal of this class is to target the 6 parameters of fitness:
Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Functional Flexibility/Mobility, Balance, Stability and Cardiovascular Endurance. If golf isn't your sport. no worries! All are welcome to improve daily functionality. 'First Wednesday of every month, stick around for Guided meditation following class! 

Middle-aged women playing tennis

Tennis Skills Clinic

Players focus on learning technique and shot selection at a steady pace

yoga stretch touching toes

Gentle Stretch

Stretching is the key for a healthy body.
Relaxation is the key for a healthy mind. The focus of this
class is to help relieve the stresses of the week!

Class Level: Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced

seaside kids activities

Seaside Kids Activities

Drop by the Seaside Kids tent for fun family-friendly activities and crafts all Summer. You never know what game we may be playing so swing by and have fun! 

full moon yoga

Full Moon Yoga

Join us in this all levels Vinyasa class during the rise of the full moon over the ocean on Delray Beach! Come take an hour for yourself to quiet your mind and energize your body and spirit.

vinyasa yoga as the sun rises on the beach

Sunrise Beach Yoga

Sunrise Beach Yoga is a creative blend of yoga postures, uniting precise, intelligent alignment, energetic movement, meditation, and pranayama (breathwork). Suitable for beginners or seasoned practitioners. All ages welcome!

We suggest bringing an over-sized towel or blanket
as mats tend to get sandy on the beach.

Class Level: Beginner/ Intermediate / Advanced


Aquabilities @ Country Club

Get an excellent water workout without the impact of jumping and utilizing our therapeutic temperatures! Improve your strength, balance and function using equipment in the water.

Class Level: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

water aerobics at the pool

Aquabilities @ Beach Club

Get an excellent water workout without the impact of jumping and utilizing our therapeutic temperatures! Improve your strength, balance and function using equipment in the water.

Class Level: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

man having a hot stone back massage

Elements of Health and Wellness Ritual

Begin your journey with a 60-minute Personal Training Session with one of our Wellness Professionals between the hours of 7am and 12pm, followed by a go-minute Sports Massage. This customized therapeutic treatment includes the use of hot and cold stones, trigger­point, deep tissue, and Swedish Massage modalities. Concentration is on increasing range of motion and flexibility, relieving muscle soreness, and promoting quick recovery due to overuse.

two people surfing

Surf's up Sundays

Drop in to catch a swell with the
Delray Water Sports Team. Instructors will guide you to the perfect wave.
Drop in for at least 30 minutes or up to 3 hours.

*Sign up at Delray Beach Water Sports Rentals by calling 561.272.7873 or drop in on Sundays. 

three people doing aerobics at seagate gym


High energy, total body conditioning class that utilizes a variety of resistance equipment designed to increase definition and overall strength! Pump your heart rate up by performing cardiovascular movements with superstar instructor Rita!

Class Level: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

weight training class with workout group

Seagate Sweat

Move. Train. Play the body the way it was intended to work as a complete unit. This class will incorporate strength, endurance, coordination and balance using the Omnia, surrounding Kinesis Machines, cardio equipment and various tools such as weights, bands, balls, and body weight for optimal conditioning.
This class is short, but effective, and sure to leave you sweating!

Class Level: Beginner/ Intermediate I Advanced

young girl playing pickle ball

Pickleball Mixer

Warm up with the Pro followed by several rounds of match-play. Beverage service is included.

knee stretch

Stretch on the Greens

The Wellness TEAM will be on the range
providing manual stretch every Friday, 11am - 12pm.

childs pose morning yoga

Wake Up with the Sun Yoga

This class allows you to arrive and enjoy quiet stillness, warm up and energize the
body, and leave class ready to enter the rest
of your day with vitality and a sense of calm.

Class level: Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced

Man smiling after golf swing

Pre-Round Golf Warmup

Golf conditioning is an essential part of improving a golfer's performance, regardless of their golfing abilities. What is often overlooked, especially by the recreational golfer is what it truly takes to prepare the body to meet the demands of swinging a golf club, whether during a practice session or a round of golf! Meet us on the fitness center turf for a 30 minute pre-round warmup!